Praying For Life At Comly Road

Planned Parenthood Northeast is an unassuming building on Comly Rd. across the Boulevard from Nabisco. It doesn't looklike something from a horror movie. There are no armed guards, no barbed wire, no swastikas. The victims are not visible. They are carried in the wombs of their own mothers, driven by ignorance, fear, and desperation. Last year alone, 3,334 innocent unborn children were killed there by abortion, including 257 in the 2nd trimester.

Saturday mornings are the busiest time. You can see them come in - some willing, some defiant, some desperate. They are immediately surrounded by 'escorts' in yellow vests who keep up a constant stream of chatter to keep them from hearing the offers of help, the pleas for mercy.

Every Saturday morning at 7, a small group of us begin praying the rosary out front, walking back and forth as we pray for the children, their mothers, and the staff. Most of us stay for an hour, some longer. Some are called to counsel the mothers as they come in, the rest of us pray. A guy named Tom brings signs and goes back to the parking lot to ask them to change their minds and to offer help. A couple named Dave & Betty are there several times a week praying and counseling.

Each first Saturday there is a Mass at Christ The King at 7, and a larger crowd comes at 8, often led by a priest. There are also people praying there Monday, Wenesday, and Friday. There's not much foot traffic. People driving by on Comly Rd. may give us the finger or shout a few rude words. More give us a thumbs up. There is never any violence, there are no angry confrontations, no arrests. Two police from Civil Affairs are there every week just in case. I t's probably the easiest morning of their week.

Very few change their minds on Saturday mornings, but we often hear of women changing their minds during the week. Every now and then someone comes by to thank us for being there. We will never know how many see the signs or hear us praying, how many are touched by God and decide to keep their child after all. "God doesn't call us to be successful, He calls us to be faithful". Please consider joining us.