Prayers For The Elderly

Dear Lord,
as my life declines
and my energies decrease,
more than ever
hold me by Your Power,
that I may not offend You,
but daily increase in Your Love.
Give me strength to work in Your Service
till the last day of my life.
Help me to ever have
an increasing dread of venial sin,
or whatever would cause
the slightest withdrawal of Your Love,
all day long,
and at night keep me close to Your Heart;
and should I die,
ere the morning breaks,
may I go rejoicing
in that vision of Your entrancing beauty,
never to be separated from You.


Thank you for the elderly
—for their having made it to old age.
Please help them to see goodness all around them
and give them special abilities to see your handiwork in people and in circumstances.
We ask that you give them insight to see problems and suffering as opportunities.
We pray in the name of Jesus Christ for your blessings on the Elderly.